Sexy Zombie

sexy zombie

Sexy Zombie

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  • Blah

    What’s the deal with zombies? Why have they been so ridiculously over-glorified by pop culture to the point where everyone and their dog has to dress up like one? Not only that, but for over a decade now, people still don’t get tired of it? I did years ago. Am I alone on this??

    Zombies aren’t even that scary. Whoever the hell said they’re going to take over the world is just wrong. They are slow and stupid and die just like anyone else.

    Every freaking video game has to have zombies in it. Every popular cartoon sitcom has to have a zombie appear in at least 10 episodes.

    Why, World, are you so damn easily entertained? Why??

  • Dan

    What kinda person goes to a zombie website and complains there are too many zombies

  • Blah

    Gotta let the world know somehow. You expect me to preach to the choir?