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Zombies hate public toilets

Zombies hate public toilets, so when zombies absolutely have to use them to poo zombies always try and go to the furthest trap from the door.

You know what Punk Zombie mean? you go through the door and head as far down as possible, right to the end.

Now the other day at the mall, Punk Zombie really had to go! Punk Zombie was touching cloth, barely able to keep it in, so Punk Zombie got into the toilets, and even though it was basically empty Punk Zombie still headed right to the far end to get “out of the way” kinda thing.

Punk Zombie was just getting started and some other Zombie walks in and even though it was empty he ends sitting in the toilet right next to Punk Zombie while Punk Zombie trying to go!

Then all of a sudden other zombie starts talking to Punk Zombie!

“Hey zombie bro how’s it going?”

So Punk Zombie said “I’m good thanks”

Then he asks…

“Weather has been crap hasn’t it?”

So Punk Zombie said “yeah it has”

Then he asks me..

“So how’s ya dad?”

Punk Zombie thought, how the fuck do you know my dad?

And Punk Zombie replied, “he’s good, been busy working”

Next Punk Zombie see this zombie head appear over the top of the cubicle and the zombie yells at Punk Zombie.

“Do you mind I’m on the fucking phone!”