Tag: Zombies want BRAINZ

Zombie walks into a bar

Punk Zombie walks into a bar, walks up to the barman and says : ‘Got any BRAINZ?’, Barman says politely ‘no this is a bar we serve alcohol’.

Punk Zombie sits there patiently for a few minutes and then turns the the barman to say ‘Got any BRAINZ?’, again the barman says ‘No this is a bar’.

Punk Zombie back looking about the bar again and says to the barman ‘Got any BRAINZ?’ barman getting slightly agitated says ‘ no i don’t have any fucking BRAINZ for sale’.

Punk Zombie sits back and after a few minutes turns to the barman and says ‘Got any BRAINZ?’ – the barman now enraged says ‘if you ask me for brains one more time, i’ll tie your entire body up and throw you in front of a bus!

Punk Zombie was sad and left

Punk Zombie comes in the next day and says ‘got any rope?’

Barman says ‘no’

Punk Zombie says ‘Got any BRAINZ?’